Particle Tracking Thesis

2D/3D PTV Applications and Techniques

Coherent list of related thesis

Numerous research regarding particle tracking schemes and applications are working. We decided to list recent theses. This would provide more coherent information for researchers in PTV/PIV community.

Particles settling dynamics_thesisClustering and settling dynamics of inertial particles under turbulence_thesis
Lagrangian experimental exploration of turbulence in a rotating quantum fluidDynamics of freely transported fibers in confined viscous flows_thesisParticle Tracking Velocimetry vortex ring thesisParticle tracking velocimetry experimental setup
3D multi-view particle tracking velocimetry with multi-pass robust initialization tracking algorithm ThesisLagrangian trajectories for immiscible displacement of water Thesis
Ultrafast varifocal lenses in laser material processing and particle tracking velocimetry ThesisHelium-filled soap bubbles Thesis N-pulse Particle Tracking Velocimetry Accelerometry ThesisParticle Tracking Velocimetry to Thermal Counterflow ThesisParticle Tracking Velocimetry: A Review ThesisStatistical Fitting of Particle Tracking Simulation on Oseen Vortex ThesisShallow mixing layer between coflowing streams using 3D Particle Tracking Thesis