Particle Tracking Webinars & Workshops


Webinar: Lagrangian investigation of diffusion and entrainment in a self-similar turbulent jet

Abstract: A fundamental study of a particle-laden free-shear jet is performed in order to investigate its non-stationary Lagrangian dynamics associated to its Eulerian inhomogeneity and the consequences regarding turbulent transport and dispersion properties. The jet is seeded only through the nozzle (inhomogeneous seeding), with tracer particles whose spreading and Lagrangian dynamics is recorded using high-resolution 3D particle tracking, resulting in three components tracks of position, velocity and acceleration of the tracers along the jet. The total measurement volume extends over 50 nozzle diameters downstream, where the jet becomes self-similar.Date: 13 January 2022Link:
Lagrangian diffusion statistics turbulence


Webinar: Unsteady properties of the wind turbine wake experiments at very reduced scale

Join the next online lecture of the TU Delft Wind Energy Institute on Monday, 29 November 2021 at 12:45h (CEST). The presentation will focus on wind tunnel investigations, designed to model the unsteady properties of the wakes of wind turbines immersed in an atmospheric boundary layer. The presentation will cover:
  • Bottom-fixed wind turbines: Wake meandering due to large-scale atmospheric turbulent structures
  • Wind farm control: Wake response to yaw manoeuvres
  • Floating wind turbines: Influence of the floating motions on the wake unsteady properties
Date: 29 November 2021Link:

Webinar: Round table on optical metrology for fluid mechanics (AFVL)

(JT49 - Tables rondes sur la métrologie optique pour la mécanique des fluides)

The Francophone Laser Velocimetry Association (AFVL) will be offering a video conference on November 18, a series of thematic round tables on optical metrology in fluid mechanics.
  • 2D2C PIV, 2D3C stereoscopic and 3D3C volume measurements
  • Multiphase flows
  • Inoculation & aerosol
  • Coupling of optical measurements, reactive media
  • Granulometry and concentration measurement
Date: 18 November 2021Link:

Workshop: The HOMER workshop on Optical Metrology and Data Assimilation Applied to Aeroelastics

The HOMER workshop aims at gathering experts of various horizons to share on novel diagnostic and analysis techniques for Aeroelastics and Fluid-Structure Interactions studies. As part of the Holistic Optical Metrology for Aero-Elastic Research H2020 project, the Workshop offers the opportunity to the fluid and solid mechanics, biomechanics, physics and mathematics communities.Date: 22-23 September 2021Link:


Workshop: 3rd Workshop and 1st Challenge on Data Assimilation & CFD Processing for PIV and Lagrangian Particle Tracking

The advent of time-resolved and volumetric measurements have multiplied the possibilities with much excitement of PIV and LPT development researchers as well as from the applied fluid mechanics community. The methods range from regularization strategies using the (simplified) Navier-Stokes-equation or the use of the momentum equation to obtain pressure from velocity and acceleration measurements, machine learning, to variational data-assimilation frameworks using adjoint CFD.Date: 19-20 November 2020Link:
LPT challenge

Webinar: Three-dimensional measurements in flows

The Francophone Laser Velocimetry Association (AFVL) is organizing a joint day on the theme " Three-dimensional measurements in turbulent flows ". This 47th Thematic Day (JT47) took place on November 18, 2020, by videoconference.

In less than 10 years, the progress made in 3D measurements in turbulent flows is considerable. This day was an opportunity to discuss different aspects of these methods and their recent developments (equipment, reconstruction, precision, application domain, post-processing, etc.). Velocity measurements in turbulent flows were a focal point of this day, but 3D measurements for surface deformations or scalar (density) measurement were also discussed. This day brought together about forty participants in a video conference.

Date: 18 November 2020Link:

Challenge: The first challenges on Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LPT) and on Data Assimilation (DA) from LPT data

Since Monday, March 9, 2020 a synthetic test case based on a cylinder wake in an incompressible turbulent boundary layer flow over a flat plate is provided to the participants of two challenges:
  • Time-series, four-pulse- and two-pulse pairs of synthetic particle images with various ppp-values created by four virtual camera views of tracer particles in the TBL flow are provided together with the calibration data in order to challenge the latest LPT code developments.
  • A large number of randomly distributed 3D particle tracks over many time-steps representing the flow are provided as starting points of a data assimilation challenge.
Date: 9 March 2020Link: